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Guetzli: A New Open Source JPEG Encoder

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I was about to post the exact same post, not in order to implement it right now, but to keep an eye on it. :P


Best regards!

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I was also excited... until I saw the computing demands.


It feels a bit like the special software the CIA has to magically clean up lores images to read number plates off reflections in security camera footage.

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+1 for optional Guetzli encoding


edit: on closer inspection, I retract my +1 ... with both high and low detail images I found that the JPG export result from Affinity Photo actually looks better overall compared to what Guetzli produces with similar file sizes.


My test procedure:

  1. Load high quality photo into Affinity Photo
  2. Downsize to web-typical sizes (e.g. 800px wide, 480px wide)
  3. Export as PNG-24 and also as JPG with 85% quality from Affinity Photo.
  4. Run the AFP-exported JPG through ImageOptim to strip it of its meta data that may bloat the file size. This operation does not change the appearance of the image
  5. Run Guetzli on the PNG with quality settings between 85 and 95
  6. Run the Guetzli-generated JPGs through ImageOptim to strip them of their meta data
  7. Find the Guetzli-generated and optimized JPG with the closest file size to the AFP-exported JPG
  8. Compare visually, switching back and forth

Result: While it is true that in high frequency areas the ringing artefacts are reduced in the Guetzli output, similarly colored lower-detail surfaces with subtler structures get muddied, details are lost (most apparent in stone surfaces, wood grain, shadows on plain colored walls, skies).


I actually prefer what Affinity already does.

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Useless. Jpeg is an ancient file format, and is terrible in comparison with newer formats such as WebP. WebP should have replaced Jpeg by now, if it were not for political games between browser vendors.


I wish Affinity Designer would support WebP export by now: I mean, I can place WebP files, but not export them!!!


What is the use then? If Designer can import WebP, then allow export too.

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"Guetzli will be in the next ImageOptim version."


In the meantime ImageOptim placed it into their latest beta version here. - Though waiting 30 minutes for an image compression and needing 300 MB RAM per megapixel is probably more for the adventurers here!

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