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Inpainting not work. tiff image file ready for gallery wrap, and could not remove artist's name......read on

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post-26329-0-12444900-1489696209_thumb.jpgpost-26329-0-04428400-1489695673_thumb.jpgInteresting.  inpainting did not work.


History of what I have been doing.   


1)  original CR2 file opened and processed in AF 1.5.2 - beta 5.   Sized.  Exported.


2)  tiff file final sizing  in PS CS5.  Saved.


3)  tiff file given reflective borders for gallery wrap in Perfect Resize 8.  Saved


4)  tiff file opened again in AF.   Made sure file was flattened.  This is the point at which inpainting failed.   Artist's name is duplicated twice at on the reflected sides.   I used clone tool to eliminate the extra artist's name.


How can I have AF to inpainting with my procedure?  All suggestions appreciated


Kind Regards,




MacBook Pro 8,3, OS 10.11.6,  NEC MultiSync PA271w display for image editing



update......an hour later.    Everything above was done in 32 bit, and reduced to 16 bit....


Repeated the procedure in 16 bit, and inpainting works.

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Hi David4,


In my experience, inpainting tool works in the way that it tries to find "similar" areas within the image and the uses them to fill the area that should be replaced. Sometimes it happens to pick such areas, that contains other "unwanted" elements. I often use inpainting to remove titles from movie posters. It's not an exception, that the inpainting tool actually places for instance actor's surname instead of his first name, because those two parts of the pixel layer are more or less on the same background.


In such cases, I try the inpainting again, with some experimenting: removing letter by letter, removing both first name and surname at once, etc.


I hope this will work for you, too. Saying that, the clone tool works better in some cases. I usually combine these two tools in my workflow. First, I use the inpainting brush to get rid of the rough elements I do not want in the image, then I use the clone tool to fine-tune the details so the result is visually appealing - e.g. to remove additional subtle things like jpeg artifacts the inpainting tool has left in place.

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MacBook Pro 13'' Early 2015, 3,1 GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB 1867 MHz DDR3, Apple Thunderbolt Display 27'' (2560 x 1440).

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Hi David,


When you say 'didn't work' do you mean didn't do anything at all or just made a bad job of it? may be worth checking the tools option settings. If it just made a bad job of what looks to me like quite a difficult edit then I think Lojza's advice is spot on.


Nothing really to do with your question but I was wondering why resize in PS? I guess perfect resize has a gallery wrap feature that automates the effect quickly as that can be done in AP too.



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I have been wondering something for a while and I thought I would ask. It isn't related to your question and I know that they say that curiosity killed the cat but I was just curious as to why you have super long titles for the threads that you start? They aren't really titles but it appears that you put the whole post of a thread in the subject line instead of summarizing the problem or the question? Why is that? 


Just curious,


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Lojza and harrym.


inpainting did nothing.  As if nothing happened.    Clone tool was fine, and would rather use inpainting.


As I wrote later on, leaving all parts of the procedure in 16 bit, inpainting did accomplish the task.   Just what I wanted.


harrym, resize in PS CS5 gives me finer control of resizing...than what I have learned in AF.  Maybe some day I will learn to do the exact resizing in AF.   Not today.


I am not aware of AF having the capability to do gallery wrap..... Perfect Resize gives me the precise control I want!


Hokusai.  Good question.  Glad you asked.  I don't have an answer.


Cheers to all.   


Sure glad I have AF ! ! ! ! ! 

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