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Affinity Designer - replication or workflow question?

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Hi Everyone -


I'm new to design software and I've been creating a few things for friends that have repeating blocks of text with variations .. and I was wondering if any of you have examples of how you set up your workflow or if you have any tips to make my workflow better?


A typical job I do is create tickets for shows. Each ticket will have the same price, address, logo, location, but the dates and times will change. Then that ticket is repeated 8 times on a sheet of paper.


When I first started, I would do an individual design in a group with the dates on a layers grouped together inside the individual ticket layer. Then I would export each version by turning on/off layers .. it would require me to drill down several layers to find the date/time I wanted, then I'd have to repeat that action for the 7 other tickets on a page.


Then I started creating layers of only my dates & times across all 8 tickets. So I only had 2 boxes to tick to switch the dates & times instead of changing 8 times .. but I noticed sometimes the structure or alignment would get messed up and it was difficult to fix.


My latest job I used art boards to create an individual ticket with layers for each time/date, and then copied and pasted it 8 times on another board .. and turned off/on layers to get the variations. 



My questions:

- is there was something dynamic or a time saving trick to replicating a small art board onto a larger board?


- if you are a designer who handles a lot of these small text changes - how do you handle them? 



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well you currently have 8 tickets on a page and turn of/ on every ticket separately?


so this can be enhanced


save a single ticket and than use this document as a placed document (go to document > place, this will place the ticket-document into your page-document, it is not linked externally but embedded into the page document, you can then replicate/dublicate the placed document) to replicate, https://vimeo.com/110134439


or use symbols https://vimeo.com/182383520


you can then edit one instance and every of the 8 tickets on the page will change 





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As long as they weren't serialized, and if I used AD to do this, I would recommend MBd's recommendation of symbols. I think. I haven't used symbols before.

My computer is a nothing-special Toshiba laptop with unremarkable specs running Windows 10 64-bit.

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