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Crop Marks wrong dimension and bleed in PDF export.

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I made a 32 pages (artboards) 260x200mm size. I need some bleed because of full page pict.

I cropped the pict in 265x205mm rectangle. When I checked the printed result it appears to lack 1mm per side: the crop marks are 259x199mm and the cropped picture 264x204

Has anyone experienced such weird stuff?

It's really annoying.


Thanks for your feedback



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Hi Mak,

I've just tried this myself using a 100mm artboard with 2.5mm bleed around all edges. I then cropped an image to a 105mm rectangle and exported to PDF with Bleed and Trim marks and it is the correct size.

Would you be able to attach your document (both PDF and AFDesign) that is incorrect when exported please?


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