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Automatic Lens Correction in Affinity Photo 1.5

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Hello all!


In a tutorial video is mentioned, that the lens correction in Photo 1.5 is performed depending on the lens information in the EXIF data. So I wonder, if Affinity Photo uses some correction values that have been evaluated for particular lenses, or if it simply applies average correction settings, depending on the focal length and the aperture of the lens?


Another question I have is, can Apple-Photo plugins be used in Photo 1.5? Especially I'm interested in the DxO plugin, because it performes very well with removing the mustache distortion created by a Samyang 14mm wideangle lens.


Many thanks in advance for your help.


Cheers, Andrea

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Hi Andrea,

Welcome to the forums.


Affinity Photo uses the Lensfun library for it's lens correction, as long as the camera and model are supported the correct amount of adjustments will be applied to the image. Photo does have support for PhotoShop plugins, a list can be found here, however the list may need updating. The plugin support is always being improved so more plugins can be supported over time.

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Hi Lee,


I've not searched all the forum entries yet, maybe it's mentioned somewhere else? But how does the updating process go?


I've noticed that the original Lensfun list is kind of dated, but that there is an updated(?) listing available on another website (maintained by Torsten Bronger). Is there a procedure that users of Affinity Photo can perform themselves, or does one have to wait for an update from you guys?


Thanks for a great product.




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