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AF: JPG export adds square to pic

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I'm using Affinity Photo on Windows 10.

I just exported a picture (RGBA/8 - sRGB IEC61966-2.1) to JPG+PNG and a square appeared on the picture (s. attachment)

When I open the .aphoto file in Affinity Designer the square shows up when switching the document type to RGB16 in a 'high frequency layer'.

The square doesn't show up in Affinity Photo but when I disable the high frequeny layer and export the picture the square disappears.





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Hi Frank


I've looked at the files you've sent me. I don't think this is caused by our export. In your afphoto file the blue square is there on high frequency layer as you have mentioned but it is fully manipulated with the rest of the layer. This suggests that is is something that you might have accidentally added to this layer rather than a bug with the software.



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