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Based on observations, Text Styles are saved per-document by default, with the option of setting a set of styles as the "Global Default" with the "Set as Default" option.


Color Swatches can be saved on three levels: document level, application level, and system level. This is pretty handy, although may be a little overkill for my purposes.


The regular "Styles", however, are only saved globally, with no option of saving the set of styles for the document only. This makes it pretty hard to track, change, and scale a design with a lot of similar styles like border widths, colors, corner size, etc. Is there currently any way to achieve this? If not, is this planned or is this still a back-burner at the roadmap?


Lastly, are there any preferred or recommended way to organize documents using Symbols, Styles, Text Styles, and Swatches (plus whatever else AD feature there is that I do not know of)? My document setup feels a little too clunky to be manageable for bigger design projects. I have way too many palette colors that I can't even find the right color I need. Thanks!

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Hi jenhuntr,

Welcome to the forums.


Styles don't have an option to save per document unlike the colour palettes. Currently you could create a new style category for each document and switch to it after opening the document. It might be worth posting your suggestion in the feature request section of our forum for our developers to look into.

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