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SVG Import with Trebuchet MS font

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I am posting here because I am facing an issue which I do not understand at all... I have a bunch of files created with Inkscape, which use Trebuchet MS font. And when I try to import one of them (or directly open) in Affinity Designer, it fails to load the font "TrebuchetMS" (without the space), and replaces all font with a default one, which I definitely do not want...

I had the same issue with Illustrator a while ago, and I really don't understand. If I open the SVG file in a text editor, the Trebuchet MS font is well defined and written, and I cannot find the "TrebuchetMS" chain anywhere... I have attached a very basic example of file which opens properly in Inkscape, and not in AD...

Does anyone have an idea of what's happening and any solution to propose??

Thanks a lot!




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Update: I just dowloaded the Customer Beta version and it seems to be much better... No "TrebuchetMS" error when importing now... Did you have some reported bug for that already? Did you change something in the way SVGs are imported?

Thanks for your work anyway!

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