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I am trying out Affinity Photo intensely to make up my mind before I pay for another year of Photoshop. One thing that I'm not quite liking is the selection tools. Though on the tutorials they look amazing but I find that my selections have jagged edges. After fiddling with refining for a good while and then going to the trusty pen tool I had to manually delete white pixels... while in Photoshop the same selection is perfect with the magic wand. In photoshop I expand my selection by 1px.. I tried the same thing here but my jagged edges remain.


I'm attaching the original image, then a zoom of the section after I selected with the pen tool and lastly a zoomed out with my image on a black background where you can see the nasty edges...


What am I doing wrong?







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Use the Selection Brush Tool to make your selections

Decrease the brush size for tricky areas, where you may select too much of the background

On the Selection Brush context toolbar there is a subtract button to remove pixels you accidently select (remember to switch back to add when you want to add to the selection)

Once your selection is completed, hit the Refine Button and set the Feather to about 0.5px


Export the output as a Mask, then add a black Fill Layer below your layer and see if that looks better

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