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Lots of bugs when working with constraints

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I work mostly with UI design so constraints are quite handy for me. I'm building a control library now, and I found a very nasty bug when trying to create a constraints compound inside a group: When trying to copy the group, the constraints compound vanishes.


There are other bugs too.


I think the best way to understand the problem is to look at the image and open the AD file, everything is explained step by step. Hope it's clear for you guys.



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Can anyone else confirm this? This is something that really needs fixing soon. Thanks...

What I figured is that the constraints tend to follow their container.

So if you have a constraint before grouping the same "movement" constraint will be applied when you group.

Resulting in your objects being moved all across the screen, at least in my version (


What I end up doing is:

- Grouping

- Reapplying the constraint as I like on the group itself and all the sub elements

- Create a symbol


Then use symbols instead.

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I second this concern about the buggy constraints. It's a feature I'm heavily rely on and as it is right now, it's barely useable.


And it seems we're not the only ones considering several posts in this forum:





(these are just the ones I stumbled upon)


@Affinity: Is there any roadmap/plan/date considering the solution for this bug?

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Hi Rubs,

Bug 1: This is not a bug, your shape has been rotated and mirrored (evident by the position of the white node on the transform panel that represents the origin (0,0 point) of the object. The Constraints Panel does not rotate to match what ever rotation has been applied to an object.


Bug 2 and 3: These I couldn't reproduce. When resizing the object under Bug 2 I found the text didn't resize, but it just kept adding more text to the text frame.


Bug 4: I was able to reproduce this - simply copying and pasting the callout under bug 3 didn't paste correctly. I'll get this passed on to development.

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I Sean, thanks for your feedback. More notes:


Bug #1: Okay, it's not a bug, but do I believe the Constraints panel should rotate to match the rotation has been applied to the object. Inverted rotation is quite counter-intuitive IMHO.


Bug #2: My bad, the info wasn't clear enough. You must select the leftmost object (the callout), not the middle object (which is a curve already). Convert it to curves. The text gets from 16pt to 12pt. That's a bug, isn't it?


Bug #3 is more tricky to reproduce, but it exists, It's this one (thanks JokeRat).


Note: As of beta I can confirm bugs 2 and 4 are still there.

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