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Transform & Copy + Again

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transform menu

In many times we need to make an exact movement / rotation or any transform manipulation multiple times with copy of it.


i'm making a website with 12 columns. so i made one column. now i want to duplicate 11 more times, but to have an exact gap between them.
in illustrator (i used cs4) we have the option to go to a transform menu = >  move = > fill the movement amount and in this menu there is an option to make a copy out of it.
so now i have 2 columns with the last column selected. if the selection remains we can do TRANSFORM AGAIN (ctrl+D) and it copies it again in the same gap.
and this is valid for every transform manipulations.


please see the attached pics.


very important and time saving.



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Have you looked at the Power Duplicate function? 

Due to the ongoing Brexit negotiations, punctuation, spelling and grammar will be used sparingly until further notice.

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Hi Rotem,


You can space objects at regular intervals with the "Power Duplication" tool.

To do this you draw the first rectangle. With the selected rectangle, you drag "Ctrl + J" for Windows ("Cmd + J" for Mac) and move the copy to the desired location (the distance between the two rectangles is displayed during the move). Then you will again "Ctrl + J" as many times as necessary until you get the desired number of rectangles.

Alternative method: You can create a rectangle and copy and paste it on itself as many times as necessary to get the desired total number.
You then click the "Organize" button in the top bar. In the window that opens you choose the alignment (vertical or horizontal), you uncheck "Auto distribution." and you enter the desired gauge value, and then click OK. The rectangles will be placed with the requested gap.


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