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[Fixed] Performance problems and crashes with slices

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Last week I ported my icon projects from Microsoft Expression Design into Affinity Designer.
One file contains about 500 icons / slices. In Microsoft Expression Design I had no problems - but in Affinity I have the following problems (see my sample project):
Zoom and move:
Open the file and go to "Export Persona" --> Zoom in and out.
  • It is extremely slow (sometimes you have to wait more than two minutes)
  • Up to 5 GB of memory is used
  • Affinity Designer sometimes crashes
Create new slice
  • It is very difficult to create additional slices - the software reacts very slowly
Unfold a slice group in the list
Go to "Studio / Slice". Go to the end of the list and unfold the group
  • After this the list goes up and you have to scroll down again. This is a very bad user experience - especially if you have to do this several times
The following improvements would be helpful:
  • Copy slices
  • A button for Fold and Unfold for all items in the list

I hope you can help me...





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Hi Juam,

Thank you for the file. I've been able to replicate all of your points so will pass them on to development. Regarding the improvements they're dealt with the Improvement section of the forum, so it's worth making a new thread in there for them.

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