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Strange stuff with OldStyle Figures in PDFs

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If a PDF with oldstyle figures is placed in an Affinity Designer document the figures get changed to default style (but with horrible kerning). If the PDF was orgininally created in Designer all numbers are changed to default figure style (as far as I can tell). If the PDF was created in Illustrator only the numbers of some of the fonts are changed.


Look at the two attached files (JPEG preview and Affinity Designer): On top is the text written directly in Designer, below the placed PDF made with Designer and below that, the PDF made with Illustrator. The three fonts I used in this example should be ok (Adobe Jenson Pro, Minion Pro and Myriad Pro).


Both PDFs look ok in Adobe Acrobat. 


Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong when exporting the PDF?





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Hi Mala,

Would you be able to attach both the PDFs you embedded as separate files please? Also what PDF settings had you used when exporting out of Designer and Illustrator? I've tried myself with a PDF made in InDesign using the Adobe PDF (Print) format with the preset set to High Quality Print and that gave me the same behaviour as the Designer file - Figures appear ok in PDF but not when placed in Designer.


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Hi Sean


Export settings from Illustrator CS6: 

  • Preset: [illustrator Default]
  • Standard: None
  • Compatability: Acrobat 5 (PDF 1.5)
  • Preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilities checked
  • Embed fonts: subset

Export settings from AD:

  • Preset: PDF (for export)
  • Standard: None
  • Compatability: PDF 1.7 (Acrobat 8)
  • Embed fonts: subset

I've attached the two PDF files. 


If I open the PDF from AD in Illustrator the OldStyle figures written in Myriad Pro get outlined - the figures written in Jenson and Minion stay editable. I have no idea why ...



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