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Chris Van Cleve

Dream Styles

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Thank you, Chris. 

Some of these will come in handy in my designs. There were only 6 "Default" styles with my download of the software. Maybe I'm missing an important source file. 



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Hi Jack Meyers,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
Yes, if you have an app able to unzip them. Files app (which comes with iOS) can't do it but FileBrowser for example is able to decompress the files to a new folder (inside a cloud service like Dropbox for example etc) so you can then import the unzipped file(s) from Affinity Photo/Designer. To import the unzipped files (styles), go to the Layer FX Studio, tap the Styles button on the bottom of the panel then tap the menu icon on the header (on top) and select Import Styles....

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