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Hi all ! So glad i found this awesome software and i already love it ! :) So much stuff is handled much better than in PS so i am definitely switching over :)


I do have one issue which is a bit annoying. At first my work area was a bit yellow, so i changed the profile and then it was all good.

BUT, when i import a photo, it gets totally messed up and pick up a yellow hue. :/


Once i export the photo everything is good, but inside AD it looks like this:




I am posting a screenshot so you can see how image looks normally (on the right) 

Also, i am using this color profile both in AD and in standard windows settings:   Samsung - Natural Color Pro 1.0 ICM


Tnx in advance ! I really hope to solve this issue !




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Hi roblack,

Welcome to the forums.


Can you supply a link to the image you used for the screenshot. I assume in Windows you have the Natural Color Pro profile selected in Control Panel > Colour Management and in Designers Preferences.

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