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Affinity Photo Text Book/Manual

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I notice that there are two Affinity Photo books out in German:


Affinity Photo by Marcus Wager and

Das Praxisbuch zu Affinity Photo by Gunter Schüler


I know that there are loads of excellent tutorial videos available for Affinity, but often I learn better referring to actual pages in an actual book. For example, Classroom in a Book from Adobe and numerous Photoshop books by Scott Kelby, Martin Evening, and others I have found very useful.


Are there any English language Affinity Photo books in the offing, either translations of the above German titles, or other titles in English? I'll bet they'd sell like hotcakes.

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I agree a workbook would be very helpful indeed, online tutorials are great but I too find reading stuff a lot easier plus you don't have to keep stopping and starting a video and changing between windows. Any more definitive timescale to a book release than "later" ??

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Yes I have looked at the help files, I guess I too just find referencing a book works better for me. Such a shame I'm sure it would be well received, maybe I need to learn German  ;)

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