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PDF export issue from a Designer document containing a placed image with an attached ICC color profile.

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I am building a black and white (grayscale) advertisement. Final PDF for printing needs to be in CMYK with only the black ink being used. The issue I came across is when I place a (8 bit) grayscale image that has any ICC color profile (Dot Gain 20% or whatever) attached it exports as a CMYK build in the PDF and not in just the black. When I place an image with no ICC color profile it exports correctly using just the black ink. I am starting the export process with the "PDF (for export)" preset, the "PDF (for print)" seemed to create other issues. The "X1a" preset seemed to totally whack out the black tonal ranges. Not being able to use images with attached color profiles in placed images could be a real issue for print production work. 
I have attached three PDF's two from Designer and one I output from Illustrator. In the Designer PDFs the smaller inset photo (of the guy) uses an attached profile in one and the other is without. The placed TIFF files both came from Affinity Photo, but I get the same results from images exported out of Photo Shop. In the PDF from Illustrator the image does include an ICC profile with the image and the export to PDF worked fine. Also please notice the huge difference in file sizes, the Designer PDF files seem a lot bigger than they need to be. Let me know if you need the Designer file.


There was also an issues with areas where an overlaying transparency effects was used in some of the PDF's I exported from Designer as well. But that can be for another bug report. 

AK-PreMedSummit Ad-AI_file.pdf

AK-PreMedSummit Ad-No ICC.pdf

AK-PreMedSummit Ad-ICC.pdf

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Hi AKJoe,

I believe I've reproduced the issue. I've exported two Greyscale TIF files (one with ICC and one without) and then placed them into a CMYK Designer document. When exported to PDF, Acrobat's Output Preview shows the file without a profile only using K ink, where as the one with a profile uses CMYK ink.

Just to double check does this setup correlate with what you were using?


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Yes, that sounds like what I was doing and the end effect I was also getting.


The final print ready PDF I was wanting to create would be in CMYK, but the only ink being used would be black. So the placed grayscale images need to stay as just black ink and not convert to a CMYK build when exporting. Any ICC profile seems to make this happen. I double check the output preview with Acrobat Pro by turning on and off the different ink colors so I know what ink separations will be created.


I have to admit I find the whole exporting to press-ready PDF's a bit frustrating. But this only version 1.5, and there is a lot to like about Designer outside of this. I am a 20+ years user of AI and it wasn't fun to use at times either. 

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