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AP - Unstable when making complex selection with pen tool

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I'm having crashs in Affinity Photo ( when I'm doing extensive and complex selections using the pen tool. The application simply closes unexpectedly. When I open it again, it gives the option to open a backup, but the same is always well behind in relation to the point that the application crashed.


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Hi Eduguedes,

We've had a couple of reports about crashing whilst using the pen tool, however we're currently unable to reproduce them.

I presume you're using the Pen Tool to just draw a curve where you want the selection and it's crashing before you get a chance to click 'Selection'? Are you able to show a screenshot of the shape complexity you are trying to draw? Also what mode was your Pen Tool set to?

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Hello Sean P.

Actually, I was drawing a selection with the pen tool. Below is screenshot with what I could draw using the Affinity Photo.
Another point tomention is that application performance is reduced while using the pen tool (when pan on the screen you can see clearly the performance loss).
​The image in screenshot is part of a 24 megapixel image (on a 1080p monitor).
Please, forgive my bad english.



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