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How to use Patch tool in Affinity Photo

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My recent editor experience is with PhotoLine where to use the Patch tool, the area to be patched was selected, then the Patch tool was activated in conjunction with the Alt key (Windows) to select the replacement area.


Affinity Photo apparently doesn't work that way. There seems to be nothing specific in the Help file to address this How To problem, nor have I found a video tutorial on  the topic.


Please explain how to use this tool in Affinity Photo.


Thanks in advance.

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Hi OldRadioGuy,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

With the Patch Tool selected draw a selection around the area you want to patch (the target), then move the cursor away to the area you want to use as the source for the patching - you can see a realtime preview over the area you selected initially - then press/click the left mouse button to apply it to that area when you are happy with the preview.


You can also do the opposite if you want - use the selected area as the source for the patching - just check/tick Selection is source in the context toolbar.


For more info please check Affinity Photo Help ▸ Retouching ▸ Patching.

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I am just not able to get the Patch tool to work properly.Some times it comes but most of the times it does not work

After marking the area to be patched I selected another  area of the image & when i clicked the Alt Left mouse the image gets pasted in the patch area.How ever when i click on the catch to make the patch permanent nothing stays on & i have o repeat the whole thing though with out success

It is really exasperating since i am on a trial license & i was planning to buy the product after testing out


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Select the part you want to patch



move the mouse pointer to an area to patch it with.

Here it is to the right in the clean glass.


* click twice. That is two clicks, not a double click !




* If you click once, you get a bounding box that lets you fine tune or rotate the patch. Click twice for a simple patch.


That might be where you are going wrong. Don't click inside the bounding box with the second click. Photo thinks you are trying to edit the patch, rather than fixing it in place. Click on the good area twice.(or rather, outside the bounding box with the second click).


If you click inside the box,to move the patch. Click somewhere outside the box to finalize it.


Windows PCs. Photo and Designer, latest non-beta versions.

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