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Ian R

Daub Brushes stop working randomly

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I am presently working on an image using quite a few different brushes.  I have been using a DAUB ink brush onxa dedicated layer  for outlining aspects.  It has suddenly stopped working.  None of the DAUB plugin brushes work, yet if I select any of the 'native' brushes, they work.


Has anyone else come across this issue?  Just before it stopped working, it set the brush to a setting I had not chosen then it wouldn't work at all.  Please help as this is very frustrating. I totally open to the idea I might be doing something (pressing a random shortcut without realising?) to make this happen, but now even if I go to new layer, choose a native different brush, draw something, then choose a DAUB brush, it again stops registering any marks.  I'm pulling my hair out with this a little bit, can you help?!


Thanks in advance

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