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UI design wishlist

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I am slowly going from Adobe and Sketch over to Affinity, but have some "hiccups" in features. 

Some of the features I wish for.


1. RGBa 

2. Material design assets

3. padding functions on buttons, so that buttons change size based on the text.

4. A function to add "Symbols" in the Assets panel so that if I change one symbol, they all change.

5. Google Material design color swatches. Someone made this 

6. Make assets connect to the Affinity account, so when I use a different computer, all my assets will be there.

7. add new Page presets in the "new document" settings.

8. Flowchart

9. Plugin support

10. export to CSS 

11. export to XML

12. copy SVG code

13. Pages

14. Shadow options like they have in the sketch app. 



BTW! I am now only working on AD and AP! :D:D love how my workflow has changed and how much more I get done.

The Bearded Bird

Tor Vegard

Graphic design • UI / UX • Branding • Logo Design 

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Welcome to the Serif Affinity Forums, Tor. :)


6. Make assets connect to the Affinity account, so when I use a different computer, all my assets will be there.


I would like to see this too. I've just switched to a different user account on the same computer, and although I can run the Affinity apps without having to reinstall them (because they're installed per machine rather than per user) I can't see my assets, brushes, etc.

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Affinity Designer/Photo/Publisher 2 for Windows • Windows 10 Home/Pro
Affinity Designer/Photo/Publisher 2 for iPad • iPadOS 15.7.3 (iPad Air 2)

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I was chatting with someone at the weekend about how we'd both discovered AD & AP and were both enjoying working in it vs Illustrator and Photoshop


We both agreed that what would be truly amazing would be making the effects correspond with CSS values (or at least have the option to toggle this in the prefs). That way when you move to build the values can be easily ported over. Even better to export them, but would be happy to do it manually.


Another feature to borrow from PS would be copying and pasting filter effects, it can get a bit tedious to redo the same effect. I know you can do an effect on a folder, but that's not always an option.


Thanks :D

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