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Color Problems in Designer

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Hi everyone,


From my personal research I couldn't find anything with my problem. If i happened to overlook it, i'd appreciate a link! 


Having two issues, but they're related:


Having problems with the color picker on affinity designer. In photo, color picker works fine. But in designer, it always picks a lighter color for some reason. Even when I get a hex code from my friend, and input it into designer, it always shows a much lighter color.


Then when I export, previewing the image shows the same color as in designer (the lighter-than-original color). But when i import it into After Effects, it shows the original color (what the hex code is supposed to be). Or when I try to e-mail it, it shows as the original color as well. 


Not sure if it's a bug or a setting. But here's what I have in color profile:


RBC Color profile: sRBG

32-bit RBG Color profile: SRBG

CMYK Color profile: U.S. Web Coated

Gray scale color profile: Grayscale D50

LAB color profile: CIELAB D50

Rendering intent: Perceptual


I don't know any other way to adjust color settings in this program. But in my google search I can only find a few solutions for Illustrator, which is often to adjust the CMYK setting to RBG. But I don't see that kind of setting change in Designer so I'm not sure what the problem is.


I don't recall making any adjustments to the settings, and I want to say I've never had this problem before the latest update (which i postponed until recently). 


Thanks for your help!

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Hi jhintak


It seems there is an issue with picking colour from outside the app. It seems to work fine inside the app but if you use designer's picker on Photo or vice versa it gives incorrect values. There also seems to be some difference between the hex value and the values that are actually used by the sliders, curiously if you copy and paste the hex value rather than type it out it actually works fine. This is a bug rather than an error in your setting so I shall get this logged



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Hey jhintak,
You might want to dig a little into colour management. I'm not sure that is the case in your situation, since you haven't provided enough details (system colour settings, AE colour settings), but it's quite possible. If you see different colours from the same values, it's quite likely it's about colour profiles: whether they're included in your graphics, or not; how your target application – in your case, After Effects – is configured with regards to the files that have embedded ICC profiles and the files that don't. Your source document profiles are also important: after all, the colour profile's job is to provide visual consistency between files, so if you copy the same values between files with different profiles – they won't look the same in a colour managed workflow (which is exactly the expected behaviour, although many people hate it when it happens, not knowing the concept of colour management).
What you wrote today about picking the colour from outside the application might be also explained by colour management issues. If you sample anything from outside the host application, I think the most probable scenario is that whatever is under your picker gets passed through the system-level CM (colour management). I made a simple experiment to prove my point (in Photoshop but that should not matter), bear with me:

  • I opened an sRGB file, to which I assigned Adobe RGB profile. Obviously, the displayed colours shifted (the values remain unchanged).
  • The next step was screenshotting the Photoshop window, essentially passing whatever was displayed through system CM (intended replication of eyedropping from outside Affinity, since I don't have it at work).
  • Next, I created a new Photoshop file, and pasted the contents of the clipboard. The values were no longer the same (eg. #234a91 shifted to #004895) and to get the same displayed colour, I had to assign an sRGB profile to the screenshot (which is system default).

I think this is exactly the same what happens when you try to sample the colours from outside Affinity. The app probably can't access information whether the sampled value comes from colour managed application or not and, being unable to access actual value, it falls back to whatever it ends up being displayed by the operating system.
It's not a complete, (nor the simplest, for that matter) answer to the problem, but it might provide some hints, I hope. I will try to test the issue at home.

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All right, I've just tested my own ideas with the actual Affinity apps.


I was sampling colour values in AD (Designer) document (ICC profile sRGB, which is also my default device profile in the colour management applet in Windows) from

  • the file in AP (Photo) with a different ICC profile (Adobe RGB, ProPhoto RGB)
  • the file in AP with the same colour profile.

As I expected, when there was a different profile in AP, the resulting, sampled colour in AD was different. When both profiles were set to sRGB the sampled colour gave the same values… well, almost. Depending on the hue, there was a difference of 1 — in one, or two channels. Which, in real life means almost nothing, but is somehow unnerving and I can't explain it. I don't even know if it's a bug or a deeper level of colour management…


Is anybody still following?




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