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Hi all!

I'm writing this 'cause I have a couple of issues using the Insproy G10T tablet with Affinity Designer, and I'm not sure where the issue lies.This tablet works just 20% of time in Affinity Designer. Sometimes it works well for the first couple of minutes, and then just starts to lag. Now, the issue here seems to be very specific: if you click something to select it, it takes a couple of long seconds to do so, unless you lift the pen all the way. Let me explain: if you lift the pen from the surface so that it still tracks the pointer, it doesn’t select/perform the action quickly at all. If you lift the pen so that the pointer is not tracked anymore, it selects it instantly. This seems to be true across multiple actions: resizing, dragging, scaling… 

I don’t know if this is a problem on the Affinity side or rather something Huion should solve. In fact, I wrote a mail to Huion as well. I just know two things:

- the tablet works fine in other programs (Adobe Xd and Pixelmator tested): seems to indicate that the issue is on Affinity side

- other tablets (like Wacom ones) work just fine in Affinity Designer: seems to indicate that the issue is on Huion side.

I really wish someone could fix this or help me some way. 

Here is a video that may help to clear things up: https://goo.gl/photos/xwGx8t4dUu1hCfRi8


Thank You in advice, 


Philip Müller

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Thanks for video - It clearly shows an issue.


Just to confirm, are you using the tablet via a USB cable and not wirelessly?

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EDIT: After a restart of the mac all is ok. Between mac- and pen-mouse one can change in one line...

The drivers name is 1060plus_MAC_DriverV11.1.4 build 70218. Please find a way to fix the panels at their place while choosing. lars


Hi, reading this thread I tried again my tablett. It´s another type, ok. But if AP makes the problem... I only used AP.

My Huion and the driver is: 1060plus_MAC_DriverV11.1.4.zip which was downloaded from the Huion homepage. May be that is importent. If not installing before connecting the tablett itself installs one. I used the new one before, but may be I made a mistake, it seems the name of the folder is today another one as before.

Today my tablet works. I did nothing on the settings. The keys at the pen: are 1. below, near tablet: keybord, the above: right key. One has to use the last one to leave the drawing and to choose a brush or the color.

The problem what I saw before as a total crash of the mac could be another one. Putting the pen away the mac-mouse doesn´t work. And disconnect the USB then the mac-mouse runs again. And connect it then again the pen works. Or it must AP closed, I forget, to hard to speak English.


Seems one can learn to use that device in one session, not changing. Hope you understand that and it can help to find out if AP can run better. I will hold my tablett now, what ever happens (a great problem is to choose the panels (attachment, histogram...) The very small keys dance if the pen-mouse comes near; my hand may trembel, to old (my first tablett I used at the beginning of 90th with Autocad and 3Dstudio writing the first book teaching architectural visualisation, my only edition what was sold out).


Best regards


AP 1.9.1 // AD 1.9.1 // APu 1.9.1: Capture One+ 21; MacBook Pro, OSX 10.15.7,  Fuji X-Pro2 

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Thanks for checking. We have a Huion H58L in the office and that's working fine with the latest drivers. We don't have your tablet in the office to test so it's going to be a little tricky to replicate this issue.


In your previous email you stated that you emailed Huion. Did they reply?

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