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[By Design] [AD] Symbol Name does not Update / Propogate on Rename.

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  1. Create a new symbol.
  2. Rename it in the Symbols panel as "MySymbol".
  3. The original instance does not acquire this name, but remains simply "(Symbol)".
  4. Drag an instance of the symbol on to the canvas, this does have the correct name "MySymbol (Symbol)"
  5. Now rename the symbol in the Symbols panel to "NewName".
  6. The neither the second instance, nor the original update to reflect the new name.
  7. Now drag an instance of the renamed symbol to the canvas, again it shows the correct name "NewName (Symbol)


We now have 3 instances of the same symbol, all with different names.




Surely the name of all instances should be updated to reflect the source symbol?



I can see an issue where the user has explicitly renamed a symbol in the Layers Panel, and this is then over written by the base symbol being renamed in the Symbols panel, but the present system seems pretty messy and incoherent to me.


Perhaps the layer naming should be… "Instance name [base name] (Symbol)"


e.g. "Reflected Logo [MyCorp Logo] (Symbol)"




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