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[Request] AD: Rename swatches Fills while editing them

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Hello everyone,

So after importing swatches that contain a lot of colors (ase), I found that their name were screwed up wish is not a big deal as long as I can edit their name again.

But the process of doing so is very long and not user friendly


At the moment :

- To identify the color -> Edit the fill by double clicking or right click + edit
- Then you can rename it by -> Right click rename.


What would be really nice, and I doubt it is a huge issue to do so:

- Add a name input directly in the "edit fill" popup bellow the drop down menu for example


If you still want to have the confirmation of the user because it can't be undone, you could add a lock next to the name input so people have first to unlock before editing.

But at least, it doesn't require to leave that popup and right click on the fill to edit the name... 


It also solves the issue that when you right click -> rename and push enter to save it looses the color fill you had selected on the swatches.


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