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Divide action to create new shapes from intersecting shapes not accurate

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I have three overlapping circles and I want to create new shapes/curves from the seven intersections.




To achieve this I select all three circles and press Layer -> Geometry -> Divide. This does create the seven curves I want, but also about 20 other curves that I have to delete since they are so small they aren't even visible. Unfortunately the newly created curves do not perfectly fit together. Now I can see the white background where the circles used to intersect. This also happens when I compound them manually.




Is this expected behaviour or should I use a different technique?



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Hi catcat,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

This is a known issue that's already logged to be looked at. It should generate clean shapes but currently certain boolean operations (in certain conditions) still leads to wrong results (or non clean results as in this case). We hope to improve this in future versions/updates.If i remember correctly there's already a thread where another user was having the exact same issues trying to create the exact same thing as you but I'm not sure if we found a solution/workaround.

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