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fx Panel




Opacity Setting no longer seems to work on Outlines. 




For some product images I like to be able to apply a black inside outline when placing the product image on a dark background.


Most of my product images are taken on a white or grey background and the images will sometimes have a slightly shiny edge to them that pops out a little too much on a black or dark background.  


By adding a black inside outline, and reducing the opacity to about 33-50% the edge blends in nicer with a darker background.



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Hey marsofearth,

It seems to be working fine for me. I've tested it with placing images and opening images that fit the canvas. Can you give me the exact steps to see if I can reproduce this?


All I did was:

1. Open or place an image

2. Effects Panel 

3. Outline > Click the cog icon to bring up the additional settings

4. Increase the radius

5. Change the alignment to Inside

6. Drag the Opacity slider down

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Hello Chris,


No special steps.


Affinity Beta 1.5.2 (beta 4)



1. Open Image

2. fx Panel

3. Outline > Normal / Inside / 3px / Black / Opacity 0%-50%



Outline is working as a Mask, it is no longer blending with the background of the image.



Not sure what is wrong with my set up here. Maybe I accidentally bumped a setting I do not know about?


I have attached an image example.






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Downloaded and tested the new Beta 5


Outline opacity works differently than in Beta 4, but still incorrectly ( compared to to how it correctly works in AD)


see images attached.


Inside Outline is still Masking the layer it is working on, instead of blending with the layer it is working on.








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