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Missing brush size circle on Surface Pro 4 tablets

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I've now verified that the missing circle indicating brush size is not just on my Surface Pro 4. At least one other has the same problem.


So I'd like to report this as a bug. 


Even when I attach a mouse to the Surface Pro 4, there is no circle indicating the size of the brush.


Also the key combination Alt + LeftMouse + Right Mouse with drag does not work on the Surface Pro 4. 


I understand the priority being given to the Ipad Pro version, but this is something that should be working in the current release, it's working fine on my desktop computer with the same OS version, Windows 10.



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Hi ostonica


We are aware of similar issues of using a pen and tablet input with the app (which the main input type for the surface is). hopefully we can get this sorted in a future update


The key combination not working with the surface is also something that is known about and has been mentioned a couple of times before. The team are looking at reviewing this combination for something more suitable



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