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How to rotate an image (in either program) by a few degrees?

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On 4/15/2018 at 11:44 AM, kirkmc said:

AF does some amazing things, but this is the kind of thing that makes it incredibly frustrating to use. When I select the crop tool, there's a Rotate button, which works in an odd way. With a photo in 3:2 aspect ratio, it crops the photo as though it were in 2:3. (And the Crop tool is really painful, trying to use custom aspect rations; when I set it to 3:2, it keeps switching to 2:3.


Other photo editing apps let you click a button, drag a bit, and free rotate. The explanation above is hermetic to me:



Okay, I have my layer selected, and the Move tool selected, but where is the Transform panel? Oh, it's the Xfm panel? They why didn't you say so. Enter a value; well, I tried that, and I can't enter anything in that field. 


This is just an example of the frustration I have with this app. So many settings are hidden, or require long explanations to use. Why can't you simply allow a free rotation like most apps, even Apple Photos, offer?

Yep, this is my problem with Affinity in a nutshell. Basic tools that are there, but just so clumsy to use. Curves, a foundational tool .. you can get there eventually, but what is immediate and direct in PS .. like sampling a value in the image with the dropper .. takes an extra step in AP .. and  you can't simply place a node and then use the mouse middle wheel to roll the values up and down precisely .. everything feels gratuitously indirect. Working with masks is even worse. I have spent months trying to learn how to use basic tools that have been familiar in PS for years, across different versions, and am on the point of giving up. Cropping, admittedly never Photoshop's greatest strength, I now do in XnView .. much finer control, much easier to use, and it's basically a freeware image viewer. Image rotations likewise, far simpler and more direct than AP. Even something as basic as checking the effect of an adjustment layer while adjusting it is clumsy. It does pano stitches and focus stacks and a few other things brilliantly, but the interface for the central editing controls is just awful.
Sorry this is a whine. I had such high hopes.

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does anyone know if affinity can or will in the future get a quick and easy way to rotate while using the paintbrush, i can't even find any decent shortcts ? i'm using a microsoft surface studio pc and although i think they are working on an actual rotating screen i'm sure it would be well out of my budget.

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hi, i am trying to find out if affinity will at some time be creating an easy way to rotate the image you are working on, i can't even find a shortcut,    i found a nice app in the microsoft store that rotates the screen but it loses the the app control as soon as affinity  screen is touched.

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1 hour ago, mick560 said:

i am trying to find out if affinity will at some time be creating an easy way to rotate the image you are working on, i can't even find a shortcut, 

From the menu, View > Rotate Left (or Right) will rotate the view of the canvas in 15 degree increments. View > Reset Rotation will remove any rotation you've performed. There are no shortcuts for these actions by default, but you can establish your own using Preferences, Keyboard Shortcuts, Photo, View.

-- Walt

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