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Dark Exports with New Batch Job... Using New HDR Merge

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I have found that when I create a set of .jpg files using New Batch Job, the resulting files are unusably dark.


This only seems to occur if my .afphoto files were created using New HDR Merge (I have not tested Stack or Focus).  I got the same (dark) result when I unchecked the Tone Map box.


These same .afphoto files will process just fine one at a time using File -> Export.


I can also do a New Batch Job export with no problem on sets of .afphotos created from single RAW format files.


The export settings (New Batch Job and File -> Export) are the same as near as I can tell.







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Hi LevelB


This seems to be an issue with 32bit colour files, it seems like we are either ignoring the tone mapping or not converting down to 8bit sufficiently for the jpeg export


I shall make sure this is logged

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I wish this problem would get fixed. According to this post, it's been around since February.


I've just finished a modelling portfolio, for example, and have a stack of Affinity Photo files that were created from raw files.

I've watched the Affinity Photo videos about batch processing, so I'm sure I'm not doing anything wrong.


The batch processed files are coming out way too dark whereas when I export individual files to jpg, they're fine. Even if I use the New Batch Job command on just one file, it still comes out way too dark. It looks like I've duplicated the layer and used the Multiply blend mode.


Given Serif want to target professionals and high-end enthusiasts with Affinity Photo, I thought this problem would've been sorted by now. 


Even some feedback (with a timeframe) from Serif would be reassuring as singularly exporting hundreds of files is not ideal.


Do any of the moderators have updated information on this bug? Can this issue get escalated and quickly sorted?



Paul Zab


Paul Zab | https://www.paulzabphoto.com


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