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Is there any freehand/lasso selection tool in AD ?

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Do we have any option to select strokes and shapes using a freehand selection tool in Affinity Designer?

When there are multiples strokes drawn near by and you want to select only a few you want to do it with a freehand selection method . but right the only option of selection (arrow tool) seems to select everything in rectangular selection when you drag the tool. Using shift select each stroke can be very tedious if you are working with a lot of strokes/shapes.


Please let me know  if I am missing something.





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You need to switch to the Pixel Persona to access the selection tools.

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Currently, the Move tool only offers a marquee (rectangular) object selection drag method.


You have limited choices in how that works: In Preferences > Tools, there is an option to "Select object when intersects with selection marquee." With that option off, you have to completely enclose objects to select them; with it on any object the marquee touches will be selected. Dragging with the Alt/Option key down prevents the object under the pointer from being selected (& thus dragged to a new location instead of dragging out the marquee). And of course, locked or hidden objects won't be selected by clicking or dragging on the canvas.


But that's it; there is no freehand or polygon selection option for the Move tool.

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