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problems with cutting out

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Following the excellent video about cutting out images and exporting them or copy/pasting them I ran into a few bugs-

1. When trying to export, but not as a PNG or TIFF as seen but as a JPEG, I got the Windows 'Save as' panel, with the save path at top and at bottom the 2 lines: 'Save as', for choosing name, and 'Save as Type'. This showed just one option- Affinity file, so I pressed 'Save', and the file was saved- as a JPEG after all... Do I have to save the file first as an Affinity file, and only then to export?  


2. Following the video, I tried undoing the previous mask layer via: 'Edit' - Undo Add Mask Layer' but this action was nowhere to be found- just the action 'undo'. In the end I clicked on the mask layer itself and under the scroll-down chose 'delete', which worked.


3. Trying to blend the copied pixel layer with a background pixel layer, and using a Grunge1 Texture brush, every time I moved the brush cursor up to the brush width slider, it reverted to a regular cursor and to change it back to a brush again I had to click on the Grunge1 example on the right.


4. Moving up close to the border between the 2 images (the background - trees- and the front which I had pasted on to it- castle- I was trying to clone a pack of the trees onto an ugly patch of the pasted image -the castle- which I wanted to hide. I wasnt able to do this- any suggestions?


I am using Affinity 1.5.

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HI Rafi266


1. Save as will always prompt for saving as an afphoto file. We do support saving back to the original file type but just clicking on svae. This will occur if any changes to the image still conform within that file type. For example if you have a jpeg open and then you paint directly on the background layer and press save it will save back to a jpeg. However as soon as you start adding things such as extra layers, which the jpeg format does not understand, you will be prompted to save as an afdesign file to preserve these additional objects unless you flatter the image first. Exporting is a separate option found in the file menu and does not require you to save the file beforehand 


2. The Videos were created on the mac platform so there are some slight differences. If you are following on windows then undo will always just say undo in the edit menu. Clicking on it should still undo the last action. As you have found we also have the history panel which can help see what actions were performed in what order


3. Are you actually clicking on the width controls here? If so it is known that you have to click back in the work space again to get the brush cursor to show, or are you simple just hovering the cursor over the context toolbar?


4. If using the clone tool, make sure the source is selected to current layer and below. If the layer you are trying to clone on is an image layer it will need to be converted to a pixel layer to use the clone tool. The assistant should do this automatically, but if it does not you can select it and go to Layer > Rasterise



Hope that answers your queries!

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