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-please more color palettes then Pantone, such as HKS & RAL (HKS-K, HKS-Z, HKS-N, .. )


ok .. importing a system palette works very well .. had already a self defined HKS-K .. 

what about an color palettes managing tool? .. we have the global computer's system colors from the system color picker .. we have the main colorsystem palettes such as web-save-RGB, CMYK, Pantone and HKS .. we have project color palettes .. and we have user's individual palettes .. i want to manage that import/export in one single screen .. i image a multi pots to one pot metaphor .. and the same i want for colorsync with profiles .. comparisons .. quark's extension manager .. adobe's plugin manager and colorsync manager .. i remember that freehand's color export import screen .. and i remember that coreldraw's colors import/export twenty years ago .. 


so managing colorsync profiles AND color palettes (in one screen) for the full control of WYSIWYG would be a (wet) dream!

don't spoil the magic

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Yeah i pretty much second that.


HKS and such is pretty much Key. I'm guessing you can import them yourself, but i'm currently trying to find out, how that would go. Since i'm here, i will say though, that managing your colors should be vital. I'm talking about ways to more easy set up your standard color swatches. For example: I would like to see a way to easily add CMYK based greyscales from 0% to 100% Key. We have the grey palette, but that is 1) not cmyk and 2) awkward to use, because i dont want to switch palettes all the time. No matter what work i do, i would want to have my greys always there, plus the colors i chose based on customer Corporate Design colors and such.


Well i guess its manageable with application and system palettes but it means i have to set up the cmyk greys myself for each of my clients, which is pretty time consuming.

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