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Affinity Photo - Macro Settings Dialog (Eye) Naming

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I recorded a macro, which modifies the opacity of layers in 2 different steps like so:



-duplicate layer

-opacity 50% (Shows Settings icon > Opacity)

-duplicate layer

-opacity 20% (Shows Settings icon > Opacity)



I enabled the Eye Setting to show the sliders when running (What's the proper name for that eye BTW?)


I run it and it works as intended, I get a dialog with 2 sliders and Opacity 1 and Opacity 2, which allow me to preview the macro.




Here comes the bug:


I record a macro containing the previous "FADE MACRO" like so:



-duplicate layer

-apply filter (Shows Settings icon > "Filter")

-make composite

-Run "FADE MACRO" (Shows Settings icon > Opacity 1, Opacity 2)



First, when doing this, the Eyes I activated on "FADE MACRO" get deactivated, so I go into the settings icon to activate them again, and change the each slider to its descriptive name, but BOTH sliders get the same name, the still act independently on the preview, meaning they don't change the same opacity but they can't have different names. It doesn't matter which I click to edit, all sliders of the same property (in this case opacity) get the same name.



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