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Wishing for not one but able to multiple or edit CANVAS

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Hi its my first post on this subject Features Request,

You can check my other post on share on Affinity strength on industry world, fight back to back with Illustrator page.


Anyway I am a heavy Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illy user and most of my workflow are ended with this two prominent apps.  And I want to let loose and be freed with this monopolising the design industries. Affinity was an escape and really excited on my first use and did my current project for some restaurant and corporate companies and they where satisfied and the project are ready for printings and distribution.


Anyway one of the first thing most transferee designer such as I, will quickly notice the beauty and strength of this beautiful Affinity Desinger/Photo application.  But quickly be setbacks by the first run.


First of all, as a designer aside from checking the proper Colour Mode or Profile on documents or artboard, and also for DPI or pixel and resolution configuration, we are or I am always on first run checking the Canvas size or Artboard size. In affinity Design the Artboard is awesome and Adobe Illy this artboard configuration of AD this thing is what you should have for so long when you created Illy.  I think most of my fellow designer will agree on it or maybe not. Some are purely personal preference anyway, but for me I really like it the logic behind with it. creating artboard sizes is almost on the fly and really really a breeze.


But here comes the hard part and pain and diffuculty for the side of Affinity Designer/Photo, is the Canvas.  i was hoping that there will be an option almost the same when you created an artboard.  it seems artboard and canvas configuration are totally different processes here.  The sizing is awesome and you can change it anytime with those bleeding and margin but duplicating it to have more canvas is no where to find.  In illy all you have to do is click or go to document setup then from there you can edit the canvas which is basically the artboard of the illy, and creating additional canvas/artboard is totally easy, it is the same logic process as duplicating exact element or image on the fly with combination of ALT+move mouse in any position while holding the left click.  you can create or duplicate as many as you want as long it will fit on the total area capacity of illy.


But on AD, it is totally nothing. But in AD is not possible (I dont want to be some sort of comparing illy or favoring the Illy Just trying to remove to my system, my mind and my computer the illy dependeny) Most of designer specially when creating multiple pages like company profiles, menus, flyers and such are dependent on this features. If there is a way or if there is a configuration that this same logic processes of creating artboard will be also incorporated on canvas that you can create multiple pages or you can select multiple canvas size basically same as artboard processes will be very very very awesome


We want affinity be unique and I believe Affinity dev are not in any way of copying something from these monopolised apps, I think it has to has multiple canvas capability as procedure and easiness of the artboards.  Or just remove the canvas option and go straight on artboard so when you first run it, you will create new documents then artboard is already there as usual and capable of any size and any numbers, but with this, is capable of saving multiple pages like on PDF which most printing company and corporate world become their standard of documents. I know you get what i mean.


More power and loving your creation Affinity.


Galatians 2:20

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