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Distortion of placed objects on macro depending on aspect ratio

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I'm using macros and a batch job to add branding to large sets of photos varying size and aspect ratio. It should be pretty straightforward - I'm just placing two external files into the image, and aligning one the the bottom left corner and one to the bottom right, then letting the batch save out jpegs as new copies. There's no resizing of either the placed files or the final copy going on. Problem is, while it works perfectly on the images that are the same aspect ratio as the image that I created that macro on, the placed branding files are being distorted on any images that are a different aspect ratio (in this case, portrait or panoramic).


If I repeat the exact same steps manually in the portrait image, it places the branding files in their correct size and aspect. The macro should surely just do exactly the same job automatically, but it appears that it is somehow interpreting the aspect of the files it places in, based on the relative aspects of the file the macro was recorded in and the file it is being performed on.

The error is occurring in the macro, rather than the batch process. It still happens when I run the macro manually on a single image, without it be part of a batch.

Am I missing something, or is this a bug? It's annoying, because this is the feature that I need working to finally ditch my PS sub!


I am including some sample images showing the results of the macro on different sized images, and there's a video showing the process of recording and applying the macro here:





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Thanks MartinH


Macros is still quite early days so should see more improvements and functionality as time goes on. I've passed this over to the development team to look inot



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Seriously, is this problem ever going to get fixed? Am I really the only person who's experienced this? PLEASE fix macros so I can batch process branding on our photos! All I'm trying to do is set up a macro to:

  1. Place two PNG graphics on a photo.
  2. Resize them with a preserved aspect ratio.
  3. align them to bottom left and bottom right respectively.

...so that I can use the macro to batch process several hundred images. It works fine until it comes to a photo with a different aspect ratio to the one used to create macro; the more different the aspect, the more distorted the placed graphics!

This is really frustrating. I've had to renew my Photoshop sub this year rather than ditching it, because I can't do without this feature. And as well as costing me money, Photoshop's batch processing is painfully slow too.




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