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Codename Capri

[SOLVED]Copy, mirror and close curves

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Hello folks,


great thanks for developing such a fantastic app!

In my current workflow i create the right half of an object with the pen-tool. Then, i copy/paste it and mirror it immediately.

After repositioning it (thanks for the guidelines  :lol:) i want to join/combine these two curves. But every curve has it separate start- and endpoint. Combining two closed curves works great with the union function. But if they are not closed ....


My question is:

How can i combine these curves to one single curve for later use with gradients, etc.

Or is my workflow not right? Do i have to do it in a different manner? I want a perfect mirrored technical object, without to draw both sides separately, because i can't achieve this perfectly.


Thank you for your replies.


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Thank you very much.

I tried that before, but nothing happened. The problem was, that i have copied the curve and pasted it on the same layer, so AD interpreted both curves as a single one. I can't select one independent so i tried to select the single nodes and join them.


Now I pasted the second curve on a separate layer and the joining process went as expected. Thumbs up!

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