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Willem Pirquin

AD and AP: crashing when disconnecting monitors.

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This bug is already there for a few updates.

I (dis)connect monitors quite often during my work, since I have a small Wacom Cintiq for painting and a big 4K screen for detailed vector work. Every time I connect or disconnect one of them to my laptop (trough the HDMI port), something happens:


1. AF or AD crashes. Most of the time it can automatically recover my work.

2. The viewport turns black. Sometimes I can solve it by making a new document. When I close the tab of the new document, I can view my work again, but sometimes it won't. But everything works, so I can save my work and restart AD or AF.


These two seem to happen at random. Very seldom, it just works. I have a first generation Macbook Pro Retina Display with NVIDIA graphics card. Maybe that has something to do with it.

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