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Is there any way to choose the DPI used for rasterization in AD? I am working on a large, multi-artboard document and want to rasterize some vector art to reduce the file size of the PDF I'll eventually export. But I still want the document's viewers to be able to zoom in and inspect the art at a reasonably crisp resolution. Changing the DPI of the document doesn't seem to work, as it doesn't rescale my artboards. How can I fix this?



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After changing the DPI for your Artboard(s) you can Rasterize... to convert the object's DPI to the Artboard's new DPI. It's not currently possible to specify a DPI when using Rasterize... - it will always use the document's/artboard's current DPI. The ability to specify the DPI when using the Rasterize command has been requested before and will hopefully be added in the future.

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