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[ADe] Bleed area not visible/snappable

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At present time we can set up a bleed area, but we can't see it, either using canvas or artboards. We can't snap to it either. I'd suggest implementing this feature the same way Illustrator does, it's pretty much perfect that way.


This implementation also means that objects should be visible within the bleed area, for example, if I set a bleed margin of 10mm I should be able to see any objects/parts of objects between the artboard margins and the end of the bleed area.



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Until such time as Serif sees fit to handle the bleed area properly, I use a rectangle around the page set to the bleed area, no fill, just a red outline. And I lock it.


With Clip to Canvas shut off, you can see the bleed area on a regular page. Cannot remember if this works with artboards or not. So with Clip to Canvas off, I can see my bled items.


But yes, Serif needs to rectify this and provide a means of seeing the bleed area as defined without such a work-around. Silly for an application that is targeted to "Professionals" to have this limitation.

My computer is a nothing-special Toshiba laptop with unremarkable specs running Windows 10 64-bit.

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