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Affinity Photo Crashes When Stitching Panorama (Unhandled Exception Error)

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With certain files, Affinity Photo can crash when stitching Panorama's.  To reproduce, use the following steps:

1) Go to Google Maps and take two screenshots (Windows Key + PrtScn), in order to create a wider map
2) In Affinity Photo, go to File > New Panorama
3) Add the two PNG screenshots and then click 'Stitch Panorama'
4) Affinity Photo crashes and an error message is displayed (An Unhandled Exception has occurred, Code: 0x80004003)




If between Step 1 and Step 2 you add the following steps, no crash occurs:
1.1) Open the two screenshots
1.2) Let Affinity photo assign an sRGB colour profile
1.3) Crop them so that just the map imagery is showing (although I don't think this bit is the cause)
1.4) Save the images


Source Images:

post-29590-0-64939900-1486915110_thumb.png post-29590-0-52297700-1486915154_thumb.png


Windows 10 - 14393.693
Affinity Photo -

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Hi Sima


Thanks for reporting this. This seems to be cause there is too much of the image that is the same such as the address bar and the map controls, so in aligning the images it is trying to separate them and place them on top at the same time and getting confused. I'll get this passed on to development as it should just fail rather than crash! You can work around this if you crop the address bar out of the images before trying to stitch them then it shall be far more successful 



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Thanks for the reply. 


That was my initial thought too, however when I looked further into it, it doesn't appear to be due to too much of the image being the same.  The reason is, if you carry out the following steps, Affinity Photo doesn't crash despite still having the same address bar, etc. in the images.


1) Open screenshot images in Affinity Photo
2) Do something to them so that Affinity Photo recognises they have been modified (I.E. Add a HSL Adjustment layer and increase the saturation by say 15%)
3) Save the images back flattened
4) Create panorama


Affinity Photo will now try to stitch them together (without crashing), despite the browser address bar and map controls still being in the images as before. 


In addition, I thought it may be because the original images were 32-bit and Affinity saves them as 24-bit without alpha channel, but it's not due to this either.  So there's something that it doesn't seem to like about the original files, but is OK with when it saves the files itself.

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