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[ADe] Black colour error in CMYK

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If you open the Black Test affinity file attached you'll see two black rectangles, look close enough and you'll see there's a slight difference.

Open the Colours panel and select each shape, they both will report the exact same colour, K=100, despite looking different.

Export to PDF (also attached) and examine in Illustrator, you'll see the shape in the right is indeed K=100, while the one on the left is RGB black converted to CMKY (C=89 M=78 Y=62 K=97)!


Go back to Affinity and in the Swatches panel select the Greys palette, you'll notice the left shape as the Black swatch applied, while the right one doesn't.

Therefor the Greys palette is introducing converted RGB colours into a CMYK document, but what is more troubling is that Affinity's Colour panel will report both as K=100


This is a very serious error, it's hard to have confidence in this application output with errors like this...

Black Test.afdesign

Black Test.pdf

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I think this is a known issue.


The gray palette isn't to be trusted. And the only means I have used that is accurate is to always use the CMYK sliders. Further, if one has used the gray swatches, the CMYK sliders will initially report it is 100% K (like on your left object). One then needs to slide the K slider down a bit and back to 100% to obtain 100% K.


I think the way swatches work needs a total rethink myself.



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That is very worrying if this is a know issue and hasn't been fixed, it's a MAJOR flaw. If we can't trust the colour panel then we can't trust the output of the application. I don't think the swatches panel needs a total rethink, but it certainly needs a lot of work, I've already wrote a post on this over at the Features Request section to which you already replied.

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Thank for letting us know. :)


I'd like to thank you additionally for the clear communication, in my opinion this is very important. It makes all the difference to know that our feedback and input is being considered and logged. It's a much better way to do things, unlike a certain large corporation that does certain software that we know, they never acknowledge problems (and rarely fixes them) or address user concerns.


Best regards! :)

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