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Should the 32 bit preview be available in Windows version?

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When i change the drop down menu in the develop persona to 32 bit hdr and open the 32 bit preview window, the sliders are blanked off.


Also, when in 32 bit mode in the develop persona, just bumping the black level up a few percent results in crushed blacks.


Is this normal?


Cheers for any input

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I'm unable to replicate this issue, sorry. Can you provide the steps you're taking to get this issue? Is it possible to include a screenshot? Thanks!

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Hi Chris, just check the document colour format on the context toolbar after you click Develop, it's likely still 16-bit. This is a known bug on the Windows version where the 16/32-bit option doesn't apply properly upon clicking Develop until you next load an image. If you develop or close the current raw image after setting the option then reload it, you should find it converts to the desired format correctly. Apologies, the bug is with the developers but they have to prioritise what to fix, so it is lower down the list.


Regarding the black level being more sensitive, this is expected, as in 32-bit it has an exponentially larger tonal range to cover. Its scaling makes more sense when using it with high dynamic range content (3D renders, specialist image/video equipment, etc).


Hope that helps!

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