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Photo | Performance on Windows 10

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I'm using a Windows 10 machine (i7-6700, 32gb ram, geforce gtx 1060 6gb) and the performance while using Affinity Photo is not as snappy as seen in video tutorials you've created using a Mac computer (or not as smooth as Photoshop CC 2016 for that matter).


Basically any operation causes a high momentary CPU usage spike, which makes the fans in my otherwise quiet PC go wild for a couple of seconds. Even a simple task such as opening a new image causes that. I opened the Task Manager (Performance tab) and these are the results I got:


Moving a slider in the Levels Adjustment window - 45% CPU Utilization,

Moving a slider in the White Balance Adjustment window - 80% CPU Utilization,

Simply opening the HSL Shift Adjustment window - 80% CPU Utilization,

Opening the Gausian Blur Live Filter window - 70% CPU Utilization,

Opening the Unsharp Mask Live Filter window - 90% CPU Utilization,

Adjusting values in the Unsharp Mask Live Filter - over 90% CPU Utilization - and it stays that way until I stop dragging the sliders.


Imagine this happening every time I apply something new to the project. When I don't use anything it stays nice and quiet and the CPU usage is low.


Also, while exporting a simple 1920x1080 jpg, I wanted to save my Export preset, which crashed the application.


Affinity Photo definitely needs some optimizing on Windows.

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The CPU usage figures are common but I would consider checking whether your CPU is running hot - maybe a cooling issue?


Do you get a crash when saving any export preset ?

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Nope, my PC runs quite cool, which was one of the primary goals for me when I was building it. 28-30°C idle, up to 60°C in more CPU-intensive tasks. And, as I said, Photoshop CC 2016, which I was using until recently when my subscription expired, normally doesn't make the CPU activity graph go like this (attachment).


Please don't misunderstand me - I really love your software and I will continue to support Affinity. So I'm not bashing it in any way. The Windows version is still new and I just hope you can optimize it a bit better along the way :)


Edit: The preset issue occured only once so far. I tried to recreate the problem but it works fine. I'll try again later and see how it behaves after I push the application a bit harder.


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You want the CPU usage to spike, since you want it to do work as quickly as possible :).


You don't want it to say 'I could do this adjustment in 10 milliseconds, but to keep the fans quiet I will do it in 500 milliseconds'....


For what it's worth, I'm on Windows 10 x64 with a GTX 1060 6gb, but I have the much older Core i7-860 with only 8gb of RAM.. and it all runs snappy. Some actions are more cpu intensive and take a couple of seconds (for instance, I don't expect FFT stuff or the denoiser to do stuff 'instantly', that kind of operation takes a little in every application).


The slow loading times are what is curious to me (it saves a 24 MP 16bit TIFF file faster with compression than it opens a 24MB 16bit tiff file without compression :P), but otherwise it runs snappy.

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