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Color profile changing to yellow

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I've just installed the 1.5.2 update and started a new document with a white background. The white is not white. It is a bit "tanned", or with a bright yellow shade.

I pasted a print screen inside the document to compare the white background of a Instagram page with the white background of a new document.

I'm attaching a screenshot so you can see what I'm sayingpost-51661-0-59259000-1486675012_thumb.png


I've tryed to change Color Profiles. Both RGB Color Profile and 32bit RGB Color Profile.


Nothing changed.


I'm using Windows 10


The new document setup is attached too.


Thanks for your attention and any help would be apreciated


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Hi millano572


This is due to the ICC profile used for the monitor. If you go into the monitor setting and change the ICC profile to something such as sRGB, then run Affinity the background should be white again. Could you also let us know what profile the monitor is currently set to?



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I didn't change the ICC profile. I couldn't even find where is it. 

I have to monitors and the problem is the same in both. One of them is a samsung Syncmaster 2232BW and the other is a LG 23"

All of the other softwares and programs show the white background when a blank new document is created, so I don't think the problem is the monitors.


I have a program that can pick the colors inside any other program (ColorSchemer Studio) and I 'picked' the "white" baground of the Affinity Photo.


Look ate the attachment and notice:
1 - There is a rectangular for wich is "white" over the "white" background and both are yellowish.

2 - The color tha ColorSchemer picked is not white. Is 255,252,219. I think that, if the problem was the monitor, the color picker would get a 255,255,255

3 - At the righ bottom of the image you can see the document navigator, wich show the correct white and there you can se the yellowish rectangle.



Any ideas would be very apreciated.


PS: The same problem occurs with Afinity Designer and Afinity Photo


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i´m getting this right, affinity designer decides on basis of the monitor profile what to display? that would explain why designer cant do ANYTHING right on my eizo.... bad, very bad :/


so no print prodution possible... 

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Any progress with this issue? I have the same problems and actually i can't work with both Apps. White is yellow here, regardless what settings i make. I am on Windows 10.



When i change the profile to those for my monitor, the document is OK, but every white elements in the GUI of the app has this creamy white vanilla color.


This behaviour is DEFINTELIY a bug that needs to be fixed. PLEASE fix this bug ASAP. I finally want to delete my old Adobe stuff....

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something New.

I created a new document and tested RGB/8 and RGB/16



The white background is tanned in both monitors



The white background is tanned in Samsung but White in LG.


I'm attaching a photo taken with my smartphone, but I'm not sure if you will see. This the RGB/16 image with the background showed partially in one and another.

But, even if we could consider the problem semi solutioned (using Affinity Designer only in the LG) the color pallete shows a tanned white in both monitors







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The problem is caused by an ICC profile assigned to your monitor. If you change the ICC profile to sRGB, it will fix it. If you attach the ICC profile to the forum thread I can confirm the problem.


Other programs won't have this problem because they don't do colour profile conversion (document to monitor).

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Samsung monitors (others too), are known to have faulty .icc profiles attached to their monitor drivers; i should know, i own one. :P


If you have a yellow tinted white in a color managed application that is the sign it is using a broken profile. If you see "good" white while on broken profile = there is no color management present in software.


So what should you do:


1. band aid solution: select srgb color profile in windows as default. Installing new video drivers will reset this.

2. middle ground: uninstall manufacturer monitor driver and use generic monitor profile from windows, colors would stay the same if you change video drivers.

3. and best solution: create a new custom profile using a hardware calibrator and use that as default in color managed apps or windows control panel.

System specs: Win 8.1 Pro 64bit | AMD PhenomII X6 1055T @ 3.0Ghz | 16GB DDR3 @ 1600Mhz | WD10EZEX | GTX 960 4GB | Wacom CTL-672

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I happens to me also. When I start a brand new document the background is kinda yellow and I just installed the program,

and the wierdest thing though, is that the navigator pallete is white!


didn't mess with icc profile nor nothing.

How do I get it white?



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When I open a new document i had to change de icc profle to Samsung like the image bellow. (my monitor is samsung)




Pleaseeee, port this software to Linux!!! that's what is missing for my complete migration! I bet it would be a big turning point to so many people like me to finally be free from adobe and microsoft !!! This software is very professional and surely would be Big for linux community!!

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I have installed Affinity Photo on Windows 10 and detected the same problem with my Samsung monitor - so I found this thread.

For me, I found a solution.

Long time ago with windows 7, I downloaded from Samsung the profile for my monitor from the Samsung website and set it as the default profile in the Windows color management.

Meanwhile I updated to Windows 10 and bought a ColorMunki calibration device and calibrated my monitor. The color overall was shifted to blue and all programs showed the correct colors, only the fresh installed Affinity Photo did not.

After searching the internet and trying some settings, I opened the Windows color management page and found, that there was still the old ICC-profile from the Samsung website selected.

I don't know, how the ColorMunki Software changes the display to the new ICC-settings, without changing the Windows color management setting, but obviously it worked, but not for Affinity Photo.

I replaced the old ICC profile in the Windows color management with the new one, generated by the ColorMunki software and either the windows desktop, other applications and AffinityPhoto now show the calibrated colors.

I hope, this can help other people struggling with the same problem.

Regards Erik


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I'm getting similar issues, but with exporting JPGs out of the latest version of Photo on Win10 - with a Spyder 5 Express Calibrated Dell U2415 Monitor. 

Used to have no problems shooting in Adobe RGB, then editing in LR and PS Elements in Adobe RGB then a final export to jpg in SRGB (for clients) but unfortunately with using Affinity Photo I'm getting red tinges to exports. So theres either an issue with the software or Im doing something completely wrong (like to think I'm reasonably competant). If I'm setting up Photo wrong - perhaps a bit more work on the help documentation needs to occur to aid people with hardware calibrated monitors to set things up correctly :)

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