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angle multiple objects, from the inside rather than outside

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howdy folks,


this is a feature which i think would help mirror certain things.


so with a text object, you make into a curve. seperating the letters, great. but you can angle  the letters, to make them look different or curved. but what would be really cool is if you say have a word like 'HELLO', you need to angle the 'H' 'E' 'L' & 'O'. you dont need to angle the middle L since its in the center.


but say you select the H & O, you can angle them, but you can NOT angle them [see 001 picture] on the inside. it just allows on the outside and the boottom/top.

i have to do the same for the E and for the second L. to make the word curve to then make this [see 002 picture]

so really i have to angle each letter one at a time. when i think it could be done easier


it just would be cool if you could:-

A - with the entire word to curves, be able to select multiple letters 2 or 3 or 4 etc, to angle from the inside points, rather than always the outside


B - have a curved text object but allow the curve object to curve in the same way without having to do it letter by letter


anyhow. if this does exist already. please do share. but if not, it would be a nice feature. also if this doesnt make sense please do contact me back ;)



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Hi lewislepton,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Currently we only have the ability to skew the bounding box, but there's a new tool coming in a future update - the Mesh Warp Distortion Tool - that will allow you to distort the text as you are describing. See Designer's roadmap for more info on what's coming.

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