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Hi humans


I've just recently purchased affinity photo. I've never used any sort of photo editing software in my life.


I am trying to separate a very detailed and complex drawing from its paper backround so i can edit from there. Its black ink on white paper. I have attached photos of the drawings to better understand. 


I have watched plenty of videos which explain how to do it in photoshop, but none in Affinity Photo. I started watching the tutorials that are supplied by Affinity, however, I am not aware of which tutorials would specifically benefit me for this project. from what i understand, a lot of the work done should involve masking, white and black adjustments etc.. 


ANY help would be greatly appreciated. I have little to no idea on how to go about this





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Affinity Photo has a special filter that will help you dramatically here. Just open your image and then go to Filters->Colours->Erase White Paper. That filter is designed for this purpose. Your image appears to be on a very yellowed background though, so perhaps you should either adjust the brightness/contrast first, or add a black/white adjustment and slide the yellow slider to maximum first. Remember to merge this down onto the background layer before choosing the 'Erase white paper' filter.


Hope that helps,


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