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New Document - Document Setup - Type Has Changed

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Hi Guys,


I feel like I'm hammering this forum for help at present so sorry, but I'm just having a few issues lately stemming from here. So this issue is because AD can't open my last project so I have started again and in "New Document" I set the type to "Web" with custom size. However I wanted to change the size so hit the "Document Setup" button at top of page to change it. When I do this the documents type has changed to "Print"


Does this actually change anything or is this just a string(word) & the other settings(Sizes, DPI, etc) rule what the page does?


I have attached an image showing the original then the modifying boxes to show what happens. I have saved the document when created to see if that makes a difference but it still happens.






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Hi Timespider


This is just a category for presets but is nothing more than a string for organisational purposes. It's the values you set in the Width, Height and DPI that actually have an influence on the document size. The presets are nothing more than stored values for these and do not have any other hidden attributes behind them. You may also find that if you manually change the w and h values to one that happens to match a preset, the names will change.



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I am having a similar problem. I chose web and custom and every single time I go to change the page size to my custom setting the menu is reverting to device. It depends what I type in. sometimes it reverts to print. Its driving me absolutely bonkers. I want web and I want custom. DO not understand this. Also even when I have successfully made a WEB document any changes I make afterwards will cause it to be reclassified as device or print with the menu locked so that I can not change it.

If web, device and print mean nothing and do nothing then they should not be there. And if I select custom I should be allowed to enter any value for H and W that I want without document type swapping itself to something else. If it feels like a bug and acts like a bug it makes me nervous as a bug in a fly trap.

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