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Snap to node to draw a shape off another shape

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My current workflow (using illustrator and the Astute Graphics Inkscribe tool) is to eyedropper a colour, Draw a closed shape, deselect, then eyedropper again, then draw a second shape off the points/nodes of the previous.


I cannot replicate this in Designer (or Photo) with the pen tool. Playing with the snap parameters allow me to, to an extent, draw off the first shapes points but there's no way to give snapping prominence over the general sides of said shape so accuracy cannot be maintained.


I understand this is probably quite a difficult thing to explain, but the Affinity tools seem halfway there so would be amazing if I could switch 100%.


Failing that please encourage Astute Graphics to enable their Illustrator plugins to work in Designer!

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Hi liambrazier,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Currently the Pen Tool doesn't highlight/pick nodes from other shapes unless they are selected too and even so it deselects them in certain circumstances (check the Snap section for the Pen Tool in the context toolbar). There's more improvements planned for snapping but i don't know much details at this point to elaborate more on this. Hopefully they will make those operations easier.

Thanks for your feedback.

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