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Hi once more, 


I am having some trouble using the scattering dynamics on pixel/paint brushes. 



1. Open Designer or Photo

2. Change into pixel persona (if applicable)

3. Select paint/pixel brush tool

4. Select a basic brush preset

5. Double click on preset to change it

6. Click on dynamics tab

7. Change Scatter X and Scatter Y to 400 %

8. Draw a line from bottom left to top right

9. Now draw one from top left to bottom right


Do you notice any difference? Does it look like this?

post-50845-0-87460800-1486462772_thumb.jpg post-50845-0-79492200-1486464261_thumb.jpg


Strangely enough, it sometimes seems to work as expected but more often than not it doesn't. Unfortunately, I am not quite able to detect any kind of pattern associated with the occurance of that bug (or its absence rather).

This is somewhat related to the topic I posted a couple of days ago ("brush dynamics + other bugs") but I was asked to post bugs individually. 


Edit: This is what it looks like when I change the controller to "pressure" and then back to "random".


Still only works about 50 per cent of the time.


Cheers!  :)

scattering bug.afdesign

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